The 6 Crore Bribery Case of Louis Berger

by Gaurav SunejaJuly 21, 2015

Louis Berger an economic development and construction management firm whose base is in Morristown, New Jersey has been found guilty of bribing Indian officials and some ministers in order to get two major water development projects in Goa and Guwahati. The company not only provides services to federal, state and local government clients, but also to the international multilateral institutions, but now it has been charged for getting many of these projects by bribing various officials not only in but in various other countries like: – Indonesia, Vietnam and Kuwait.

The company agreed that it has given bribery of $976,630 for the project in Goa which also includes the money that it has also given to the Minister. The details of the Minister has not been disclosed by the Department of Justice. Richard Hirsch of Philippines and James McClung of UAE pleaded guilty to the bribery charges. They agreed to pay $17.1 million fine to resolve the charges. On November 5, 2015 the sentence hearing  has been scheduled. The Federal prosecutors alleged that Louis Berger has maintained a detailed diary and account of bribery made to Indian officials.

Louis Berger

Louis Berger

Union Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar in his speech addressing the BJP workers in Goa’s Margao town said that the work has been related to JAICA (Japan International funding project) and therefore the PWD Minister might be involved and moreover it deals with the financial approval for the project. He also added that the incident took place when the Digambar Kamat government was in power. Also, Goa’s chief minister Laxmikant Parsekar in his interview told the reporters that it is not possible for the Goa police to investigate into this matter as it is an international issue and moreover, this issue deals with the financial approval for the project as there are chances of one or more ministers may be involved. He also demanded CBI inquiry into the matter and said that the truth should be revealed to the people.

All this matter has given a chance BJP to  attack the Congress Party as it has been on the back foot for a past few months on various issues that of Lalit Modi and Vyapam scam. It has been so unfortunate for our country that one case of corruption does not get solved and another case comes into the picture. It is high time that people who are engaged in such type of incidents should be given strict punishment so that it can set a great example for others so that these incidents do not occur in the future.

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