5 Reasons why Poltergeist 2015 is the Worst Horror Movie

by Giz TimesMay 29, 2015

The new Poltergeist which was recently released in 3D is a supernatural horror film directed by Gil Kelan, written by David Linsay Abaire and produced by Sam Raimi. The 2015 American movie is a remake of the 1982 Stevein Spielberg directed movie Poltergeist. Starring Sam Rockwell, Rosemarie DeWitt, Jarred Harris and Jane Adams, the film was released on May22, 2015 by 20th century Fox. It has grossed over $29 million, but here’s the truth – The movie is far from being scary and has nothing known as originality.


Here are 5 reasons you’ll literally feel like you’ve wasted your money watching this movie, and then you will realize- “No wait! This movie is very funny. Let’s laugh out loud on the scene and make it worth.” Yes! It is that ‘Scary’ -.-

Reasons why this movie is the worst horror-

Facepalm 1: No originality

Family moves into a new house, weird stuff is going, there is a supernatural closet, the girl touches the TV and says – “They are here!” Tadaa! Yes Gil Kelman, we’ve not seen that in the previous Poltergeist. And this is so scary -.-


Facepalm 2 : Extreme over reliance on CGI

Poltergeist 2015 has over reliance on CGI. There’s way too much of it and it doesn’t look real at all. If it doesn’t look real, how in the world will it be scary? If you think it does look real and scary, then whatever helps you sleep at night man! You haven’t really seen any horror stuff in your life. Movies like Insidious and Conjuring worked because they had almost not CGI. But, no we’ve got CGI so we’ve got to use it. We don’t care how will the movie look like. There’s even a CGI squirrel running around. WHY?


Facepalm3: We are kids. 4 or 5 years old, and guess what We are not scared.

The most unrealistic thing that can happen is that a small girl is having a conversation with a talking closet and she is NOT at all scared. She’s like – “Heyyy, Little demons in the closet! How are you?” Seriously? You don’t pee in your pants and you are just cool with the demons because they are COOL! THEY ARE NOT, Okay, They are not.  Ask yourself are kids that great with demons? -.-


Facepalm 4: The kids don’t act so well

The boy Griffin in Poltergeist 2015 who is expected to be a man, hasn’t acted that well. Some of the kids are real  iffy when you look at him. It’s funny how he opens his eyes and does some stuff. Sorry, but honestly, it’s a little fake.


Facepalm 5: The ending is abrupt

You feel that the movie Poltergeist 2015 has ended so abruptly that you rip your 3D glasses and throw them away and feel “Really, that’s it?” It ends abruptly and it just destroys your only wish to watch the remake of Poltergeist – “Let us go and watch it, the ending will be different and good.” But, NO! We’ll watch what we have already seen, All over again. Again, NO UNIQUENESS AT ALL.


In short, Poltergeist 2015 was a horrible movie, it doesn’t scare you at all, you can sleep safe and sound and there’s nothing else but to laugh and cry in some of the scenes. Hope other  directors will watch this movie and learn How not to make a horror movie. Yes, It is that bad!


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