24 July 2015 News Headlines

by Giz TimesJuly 25, 2015

24 July 2015 News Headlines – India

  • Government may strip RBI Chief of veto power on monetary policies
    • Home Ministry issues orders barring journalists from meeting senior officials
    • TERI Choef, R K Pachauri, asked to step down from the post; faced with sexual harassment charges
    • 1993 Mumbai blasts convict, Yakub Menon, seeks stay on his execution in Supreme Court; former RAW Chief says must not be hanged
    • Delhi CM, Kejriwal, now accuses PM, Modi, for interfering with the Delhi government’s affairs and says PM wants AAP to fail
    • A city court grants Tomar bail 2 months after fake degree case
    • All India Democratic Women’s Association seeks separate law to try honor killing cases; argue for categorization as murder
    • PM greets people of Egypt, says the nation is fully committed to a stronger partnership with Egypt
    • Congress leaders protest outside the CM’s house in Bhopal, call for his resignation over VYAPAM scam


24 July 2015 NEWS HEADLINES- World

  • US president Barack Obama admits his failure to pass gun safety laws in his presidency; says race relations improved
    • Turkish planes carry out air strikes in Syria against Islamic state group targets, arrest 251 people linked to the IS
    • Australian nurse who says was forced to work with IS in Syria, returning home, may be pressed with charges for terrorist links
    • Worlds first malaria vaccine clears final hurdle for being approved for use in Africa
    • A gunman opens fire in a cinema in the US state of Louisiana, kills two before shooting himself
    • England and Pakistan cricket teams arrange October and November dates for the two month tour in UAE
    • Nasa’s Kepler telescope finds a planet sharing many characteristics with Earth
    • President Muhammadu Buhari says US has aided Boko Haram Islamist militant group by refusing to provide weapons to Nigeria
    • US presidential candidate Donald Trump visits US- Mexico border, vows to tackle immigration if wins the elections
    • Migrants attempt to cross the Mediterranean from North Africa, 40 feared to have drowned, 90 migrants rescued and transported to Italy

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